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I attended one of the most popular tech conferences-WWDC, as a scholarship winner… Here is glimpse of what happened there, and how I got in.

Unlike the previous years, this time, we had to submit any app that we’ve worked upon which uses creative use of apple technologies. I submitted the link for a pretty simple app called Mega Mic- which converts your phone into a portable mic…

There isn’t a lot to tell as far as the procedure to get in is concerned but  I’ve a lot to tell about my experience there

Day 1

The scholarship winners were invited for an orientation session a day before the actual conference.

We had speakers speak to us about good design, their stories, and a lot more. Tim Cook paid a visit to us, but was bombarded with selfie requests 🤔 I didn’t take any selfie with him though 😉 

We chatted with other winners, apple employees. Everybody was incredible and friendly. The youngest one was just 9!

The good guys at Apple gave all of us an Apple TV…

Day 2

The day for which people were most excited about- Keynote Day

People started lining up outside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium from as early as 2AM! I personally arrived at the venue at 9AM(sleep is important guys! 🙂 ) and met really cool people in the line… Other scholarship winners told me, that they were probably pulled out and were given a seat in a special area. But, I preferred to follow the general line.  We had light snacks throughout the line- Muffins, juices, coffee, etc.

I got a balcony seat on the side. The 2AM guys were sitting in the front… *I didn’t find it worth to compromise my precious sleep for them, so no judging 🙂

There were metal detectors near the gates of the venue, probably due to tragic happening a day before in Orlando. Security dogs could also be seen. I wish I had clicked a picture of the ‘apple dog’, who had an apple badge just like us 🙂img_5107


This pic belongs to Andrew, who is an awesome person and sat beside me during the Keynote

After the keynote, several attendees headed to the download area, while others got out of the auditorium and had food. The talks about keynote, appraisals, general talks complemented the packed lunch boxes given by apple. During this time, people like MKBHD, Rajiv Makhni, apple execs could be seen… Others may call me an idiot, I didn’t even try to get selfie with any of ’em 🙂 After all, I was engrossed in the conversation with my fellow attendees and having food. #priorities you see 🙂

This was succeeded by Platforms of Union, which was like the keynote, but had more of developer stuff and was a bit less formal…

A day well spent it was! I headed back to the BART station, and got back to the place where I was staying…

Day 3-5

These were the days when the actual conference took place at Moscone West. The venue was wonderful. People were amazingly friendly and nice.I met a lot of attendees from around the world. They were seriously brilliant and humble. The best part about the conference was probably the people there.

The sessions were pretty good too. I went to many labs and asked a few questions. The Apple engineers gladly answered all my queries.

Marvel talk in the lunchtime session was beautiful. I won’t share the contents of the talk though, but yes, it was really good.

Sadly, I couldn’t attend the bash though, so I can’t comment about it.

It seems that the week was over in a blink of an eye.

A memorable exeperience it was!

Edit: Talking about food, they gave us packed boxes, which were okayish… Nothing special about the food, but they weren’t too bad either… 🙂 And yes,  I wish I had clicked some more photos.


Signing off.


Science or Commerce? Or perhaps Arts?

This may bore you in the beginning, but do read it till end…

It was that time of my life, when I had to make a choice(Well, I make choices everyday, but this was an important one…).  Yes, as the title says, I had to choose my stream.

First, a bit of my background.

I’ve loved computers since I was 8. Tremendous capability of it has always fascinated me. I spend a lot of time on computer everyday.

I read somewhere about online passive income, and decided to make a website. I signed up for flipkart affiliate and made a review website. It was pathetic. I got my friends to review anything they wanted. I soon shut it off and realized that I need to focus on a particular niche and quality content. I soon started another website(which again cannot be named here). It started to gain popularity. I got a lot of visits, and convinced my friends to review in exchange of a copy of the book. Publishers and authors soon started sending us books for review.  I was always delighted to ‘manage’ the site. Making sure reviews were posted on time, interacting with authors and reviewers, responding to emails, figuring how to maximize profits, and much more- it was real fun. Then I made 2 mobile apps. I personally did not like the first one, but thats a separate story.

People around me considered me to be some sort of computer expert, which obviously I’m NOT. And they’ve completely misunderstood the term-‘computer’… I agree I know a bit of programming, but I cannot program  the whole day. I can’t even program  at a stretch of 2 hours. I am not so much passionate about programming , as much as I am for making sure that things work perfectly.
And yes, I forgot to mention, I am a huge critic. I have this unnecessary(according to others) habit of complaining about things. But I always do constructive criticism. Never have I criticized for the heck of it.


I don’t feel that marks deserve so much importance as they get. My focus has never been marks but always learning. I agree that they are an indicator of how well versed you are with your subjects, but still… And talking about marks, I usually get A1 overall in all subjects except maths(sometimes A2 or sometimes A1), and I always hate to take maths exam.

Now coming to the choice that I talked about in the beginning.

People around me thought that I will pursue sciences. But I did not want to. Most of them thought that I would become a software engineer. I agree, that I wanted to go into computer sciences 2-3 years ago. Yes, coming back to the point. I did not want to.

There has been(especially in India), a flawed mindset towards how we see streams. They say, sciences are for those who are good in academics(who they expect to become ‘doctors and engineers’). I am not sure about where this thinking comes from, but still this is how many people think.

I announced that I wanted to take up commerce.

Almost no one expected that I will do this.

My parents were shocked. Friends were surprised.

Few were surprised of one reason.. They thought that I was good in making things. But the truth was, I made things just for heck of it, so that I can do what I loved to- promote them, tell people about them.  Friends did not believe this. They thought that I was joking. One of my friend even said “You are wasting your talent”. I don’t blame them for this belief. Actually, they had always seen me doing things on computers and never had I expressed my interest for management and businesses. Interestingly, few of my friends appreciated my decision.

I respect my well wishers, and the people listed above.

And then there were other people who thought that commerce stream does not have future prospects(*facepalm).

They said, you can go for anything after you take sciences. You can do MBA after engineering. Your mind will ‘sharpen’ if you give sitting for science(that may be correct). A ‘basic’ degree is necessary. I MEAN WHAT!!!, are there no degrees for commerce students?!?! I don’t want to study useless things just because society wants me to….

I wish I could change this mentality of these type of people. I mean whats the point of doing engineering if you have to go into business/management/accountancy! Wasting time and energy on studying something which is completely irrelevant for me is stupidity according to me. A simple thing, who will be a better marketing manager- Someone who knows thermodynamics, or whats inside your body, or how does carbon react OR someone who knows how businesses function, how economies function, what problems do businesses face, and how to solve them, how to read market trend. Simple question. (And still few people will prefer the former, because they say that former can ‘sharpen’ your mind). Let me put, in front of you some statistics of  Harvard Business School’s selected MBA students- 45% were from commerce background, 19% from social sciences and 36% from STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). It is sheer stupidity to do subjects that you don’t love, and waste hours on studies in an era where everyone wants to be an engineer or a doctor!

I recently saw someone’s seminar on youtube, probably he was Sandeep Maheshwari. He emphasized on the importance of smart work, rather than hard work.

It took me about a month to convince those at my home. I told them about future prospects, compared salaries for them, and educated them about courses, and much more.I was not shocked to realise that they were not aware about the prospects. At last, they were almost convinced and wanted me to go for career counseling. I was unwilling, but went for it on the condition, that I will not change my decision irrespective of what the counsellor says. They agreed.  The counsellor said pursue PCB or commerce. I was delighted. I actually gained respect for career counsellors. The counsellor told me everything about me- I can’t sit for long(how true!), I prefer to study by reading rather than writing(again true!). Parents are now satisfied, actually they were earlier also. They just felt that I was more good at programming. Parents actually wanted me to follow my heart, they just were worried about the fact that I may not be so good in business as I am in programming. Parents were always supportive. Friends are fine with everything. But few people around are not, I am talking about those people, whose traits I’ve described in previous paragraphs.. . .

I admit, I do not follow anyone, I do what is right for me. Had my parents, friends, teachers, other people not seconded with my decision, I would still have taken commerce. I am very stubborn. People can rarely change me, after all, I take decisions after due thinking!

Commerce is my final decision, and will stick to my decision.

I respect all three streams, be it Arts, Science, or commerce. But Arts never fitted my personality, despite being a good stream. Science is excellent. For it provides opportunity to discover something, or help humanity, or helps to know how things work, benefit the society in numerous ways, and play major part in implementing innovation and much more. But its not my piece of cake. Commerce stream helps us understand businesses, economies, trade etc… You can go into management, and can even head those from science streams. Or vice versa in some cases. Just wanted you guys to realize that no stream is bad and each of them are interdependent on each other. So, “Do what you love, and love what you do.”

After all, streams do not guarantee success, dreams do…

Update, 20 April 2016, Its been about a week since my Class 11 began and I’m happy to tell that due to the wonderful subjects which I love from core( from Business studies to Economics), I’m enjoying school a lot better than before!  I’m also happy about the fact that I am able to manage my time better, and do all sorts of things- from writing stuff, to programming a bit, to reviewing books and managing my site, to meditation, to playing and entertaining myself, last but not the least- studying thoroughly(After all, studying what you enjoy is not difficult!) …  And yes, I shifted my site to wordpress 🙂 Also

Take Care 🙂


Why do you criticize the better off?

I often see people criticizing the ones who have prospered. And if you are not one of them, you can save your time by not reading this. And those who do, can also waste their time by reading… I say ‘waste’ because this is not going to affect them in any way… 🙂

They are always like “What will he do of his wealth?” or some are like “There are beggars outside his home, and he is so rich” others like “He earns a lot, he must be mean”.I seriously hate such kind of people. Is prospering bad? Is earning money earned through honest means incorrect?  The person is rich because of some reason. He is prospering because of his hard work(And yes, I do believe in god, and karma).

I believe that such people are simply jealous of what others have achieved, jealous of their hard work, jealous of their dedication, jealous of their passion, jealous of their management, or jealous of their karma(Some of you will scoff at me for the last one, but I don’t care). These people have had an ambition, which these ‘haters’ lack.  Although some of them inherit the wealth and businesses, which kind of  feels awkward to me. Fine. But still, can anyone of you run a business without the skills required? If you did not have the skills to manage it, it will go in drains. I personally do not like the whole concept of inheritance, but thats a separate issue. I’m keeping my focus here to the ones, who are where they are because of their hard work.

Some of these people donate their wealth, and I respect them. Others, do not donate, I’m fine with them. Its their personal choice!

People! Stop hating the successful, and do something big yourself.

And I am waiting for the comment which says-“Kya karna hai sab moh maya ka, sab kuch chhod ke hi to jana hai”. Anyways. Take care guys!


May god blesseth thou.