Why do you criticize the better off?

I often see people criticizing the ones who have prospered. And if you are not one of them, you can save your time by not reading this. And those who do, can also waste their time by reading… I say ‘waste’ because this is not going to affect them in any way… 🙂

They are always like “What will he do of his wealth?” or some are like “There are beggars outside his home, and he is so rich” others like “He earns a lot, he must be mean”.I seriously hate such kind of people. Is prospering bad? Is earning money earned through honest means incorrect?  The person is rich because of some reason. He is prospering because of his hard work(And yes, I do believe in god, and karma).

I believe that such people are simply jealous of what others have achieved, jealous of their hard work, jealous of their dedication, jealous of their passion, jealous of their management, or jealous of their karma(Some of you will scoff at me for the last one, but I don’t care). These people have had an ambition, which these ‘haters’ lack.  Although some of them inherit the wealth and businesses, which kind of  feels awkward to me. Fine. But still, can anyone of you run a business without the skills required? If you did not have the skills to manage it, it will go in drains. I personally do not like the whole concept of inheritance, but thats a separate issue. I’m keeping my focus here to the ones, who are where they are because of their hard work.

Some of these people donate their wealth, and I respect them. Others, do not donate, I’m fine with them. Its their personal choice!

People! Stop hating the successful, and do something big yourself.

And I am waiting for the comment which says-“Kya karna hai sab moh maya ka, sab kuch chhod ke hi to jana hai”. Anyways. Take care guys!


May god blesseth thou.


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