I attended one of the most popular tech conferences-WWDC, as a scholarship winner… Here is glimpse of what happened there, and how I got in.

Unlike the previous years, this time, we had to submit any app that we’ve worked upon which uses creative use of apple technologies. I submitted the link for a pretty simple app called Mega Mic- which converts your phone into a portable mic…

There isn’t a lot to tell as far as the procedure to get in is concerned but  I’ve a lot to tell about my experience there

Day 1

The scholarship winners were invited for an orientation session a day before the actual conference.

We had speakers speak to us about good design, their stories, and a lot more. Tim Cook paid a visit to us, but was bombarded with selfie requests 🤔 I didn’t take any selfie with him though 😉 

We chatted with other winners, apple employees. Everybody was incredible and friendly. The youngest one was just 9!

The good guys at Apple gave all of us an Apple TV…

Day 2

The day for which people were most excited about- Keynote Day

People started lining up outside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium from as early as 2AM! I personally arrived at the venue at 9AM(sleep is important guys! 🙂 ) and met really cool people in the line… Other scholarship winners told me, that they were probably pulled out and were given a seat in a special area. But, I preferred to follow the general line.  We had light snacks throughout the line- Muffins, juices, coffee, etc.

I got a balcony seat on the side. The 2AM guys were sitting in the front… *I didn’t find it worth to compromise my precious sleep for them, so no judging 🙂

There were metal detectors near the gates of the venue, probably due to tragic happening a day before in Orlando. Security dogs could also be seen. I wish I had clicked a picture of the ‘apple dog’, who had an apple badge just like us 🙂img_5107


This pic belongs to Andrew, who is an awesome person and sat beside me during the Keynote

After the keynote, several attendees headed to the download area, while others got out of the auditorium and had food. The talks about keynote, appraisals, general talks complemented the packed lunch boxes given by apple. During this time, people like MKBHD, Rajiv Makhni, apple execs could be seen… Others may call me an idiot, I didn’t even try to get selfie with any of ’em 🙂 After all, I was engrossed in the conversation with my fellow attendees and having food. #priorities you see 🙂

This was succeeded by Platforms of Union, which was like the keynote, but had more of developer stuff and was a bit less formal…

A day well spent it was! I headed back to the BART station, and got back to the place where I was staying…

Day 3-5

These were the days when the actual conference took place at Moscone West. The venue was wonderful. People were amazingly friendly and nice.I met a lot of attendees from around the world. They were seriously brilliant and humble. The best part about the conference was probably the people there.

The sessions were pretty good too. I went to many labs and asked a few questions. The Apple engineers gladly answered all my queries.

Marvel talk in the lunchtime session was beautiful. I won’t share the contents of the talk though, but yes, it was really good.

Sadly, I couldn’t attend the bash though, so I can’t comment about it.

It seems that the week was over in a blink of an eye.

A memorable exeperience it was!

Edit: Talking about food, they gave us packed boxes, which were okayish… Nothing special about the food, but they weren’t too bad either… 🙂 And yes,  I wish I had clicked some more photos.


Signing off.



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